The Emperor Larimar Ring

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Larimar was discovered in one place on earth, specifically in the southwestern mountainside of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. It is the blue variety of pectolite, also referred to sometimes as Atlantis stone due to its distinctive blue coloration. This Precious Stone is attaining important worldwide recognition, for its rarity and the beauty of its coloring.

All of our jewelry is made of natural Larimar, made with high craftsmanship, and polished in the best ways using the best machines. This exclusive jewelry is treasured as a most original and memorable souvenir from the Dominican Republic.

We ship worldwide, and shipping takes about 5-14 business day FOR FREE.

Please note that this is a holiday season and we receive a very large number of orders, so it may be a little delayed by a day or two.

Wipe your Larimar jewelry with a soft cloth after each wear, the microfiber cloth that came with your piece is ideal.

Store each piece separately in an airtight container, such as a plastic bag, inside the original fabric pouch it came in to prevent tarnishing and scratching.

if you don’t love it or if you need a different size just let us know and we'll Email you a return label.


More About Larimar

Rare Stone

This rare gemstone is prized for its unique and stunning color, which ranges from light blue to turquoise, often with white streaks or swirls running through it.

More About Larimar

Physical Characteristics

Larimar is a relatively soft stone, with a Mohs hardness of 4.5 to 5, making it susceptible to scratching and chipping if not handled with care. Despite its softness, Larimar is a durable gemstone, thanks to its dense, compact structure.

More About Larimar

Spiritual Treatment

In addition to its stunning color and durability, Larimar is also believed to have healing and spiritual properties, promoting calm and relaxation, and helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Lavirda Larimar

If semi-precious stones have their own cache of best-kept secrets, then one of them is definitely Larimar which is a stone of playfulness, love, and peace.

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