Stones Garden White Gold Round Cut Halo Style Engagement Moissanite Ring

$114.00 USD $150.00 USD
Cut: Excellent Cut
Color: D Color
Clarity: VVS1
Ring Size:
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The Stones Garden Round Cut Halo Style Moissanite Ring is a breathtaking work of art that seamlessly fuses nature-inspired beauty with timeless elegance. Meticulously crafted in either 10K or 14k or 18k white gold, this ring features a design reminiscent of a lush garden adorned with brilliant moissanite gemstones.

At the heart of this exquisite piece is a captivating round-cut moissanite gemstone, chosen for its extraordinary brilliance and fire. The round cut, renowned for its classic appeal, is precisely faceted to maximize light reflection, resulting in a stunning interplay of sparkle and radiance. The central moissanite is securely nestled within the ring, much like a precious blossom at the heart of a garden.

Surrounding the central gem is a delicate halo of smaller round-cut moissanite stones, meticulously arranged to emulate the petals of a flower. This halo design not only adds an air of romance and opulence but also enhances the visual impact of the centerpiece, creating the illusion of a larger and more luminous stone.

The white gold band beautifully complements the brilliance of the moissanite gems while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The sleek, silvery tones of white gold harmonize with the gemstones, enhancing their natural beauty and adding an element of luxury.

The "Stones Garden" design not only celebrates the allure of moissanite but also captures the essence of a blooming garden, where each stone represents a radiant flower. This ring's aesthetic is both enchanting and symbolic, making it a meaningful choice for various occasions, from declarations of love to commemorating special moments.

The Stones Garden Round Cut Halo Style Moissanite Ring is a true masterpiece that combines exceptional artistry, the brilliance of moissanite gemstones, and the timeless elegance of white gold. Whether selected as an engagement ring, a promise of eternal love, or an expression of personal style, this ring will undoubtedly captivate hearts and become a cherished symbol of beauty and sentiment.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Moissanite jewelry, and each piece comes with a GRA certification and warranty card with a serial number assigned to each card.

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Taking proper care of your Moissanite products will help maintain their beauty and longevity. Here's a comprehensive care and cleaning guide for Moissanite jewelry:

General Care:

1. Storage: When not wearing your moissanite jewelry, store it in a soft pouch, jewelry box, or a compartmentalized jewelry organizer to prevent scratching or damage.

3. Limit Exposure: Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, and hairsprays, as they can dull the brilliance of your moissanite. Put on your jewelry after applying such products.

4. Routine Inspection: Periodically check your moissanite jewelry for loose stones, prongs, or any signs of wear. If you notice any issues, have them repaired by a professional jeweler to prevent further damage.

5. Professional Cleaning: While you can clean moissanite at home, having your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected by a jeweler once a year is recommended.


1. Gentle Cleaning: To clean your moissanite jewelry, mix mild dish soap with warm water in a bowl. Gently scrub the jewelry using a soft toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush. Be sure to clean beneath the stone settings.

2. Rinsing: Rinse the jewelry thoroughly under warm running water to remove soap residue. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to pat the jewelry dry.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaners: Moissanite can be cleaned using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, but make sure the cleaner is safe for use with moissanite and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

4. Steam Cleaning: You can also use a jewelry steam cleaner, but ensure it is appropriate for moissanite and use it with caution, especially if your jewelry has any delicate settings.

5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals, bleach, or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the metal setting or affect the appearance of the moissanite.

6. Avoid Ammonia and Vinegar: While these are common DIY cleaning solutions, they are not suitable for moissanite, as they can dull its brilliance over time.

Specific Cleaning Tips:

1. Moissanite Rings: As rings are more exposed to dirt and oils, clean them more frequently. Pay attention to the underside of the stone where dirt can accumulate.

2. Moissanite Earrings and Necklaces: Clean earrings and necklaces regularly to prevent the buildup of oils and cosmetics that can dull their sparkle.

3. Traveling: When traveling, pack your moissanite jewelry separately to prevent scratching and tangling with other pieces.

By following these care and cleaning guidelines, you can ensure that your Moissanite jewelry remains beautiful, sparkling, and a cherished part of your collection for years to come.

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Moissanite vs Diamond

Brilliance and Sparkle

Moissanite is renowned for its extraordinary brilliance and sparkle, often exceeding that of diamonds. The gemstone's higher refractive index results in a captivating display of light. Moissanite's brilliance can be up to 10-15% higher than that of diamonds, contributing to its remarkable luminosity.

Moissanite vs Diamond


Both moissanite and diamonds are very hard gemstones, making them suitable for everyday wear in jewelry. Moissanite ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, while diamonds are the hardest mineral and rank 10.

Moissanite vs Diamond


Due to their hardness, both moissanite and diamonds are resistant to scratching and chipping, ensuring their longevity as jewelry stones.

Moissanite vs Diamond

Color Range

Both gemstones come in a range of colors, with colorless and near-colorless varieties being the most sought after for their diamond-like appearance.

Moissanite vs Diamond


Moissanite is more affordable than diamonds of comparable size and quality, making it an attractive option for those seeking a visually similar gemstone at a lower price point. Owning a carat diamond does not necessarily require paying an exorbitant price in the presence of Moissanite.

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